Gilbert Decock, Jan De Vliegher, Koen Deprez, Colin Waeghe, Yves Beaumont, André Van Schuylenbergh, Kim De Ruysscher, Richard Simoens, Liliane Vertessen

Belgian Art & Design Heroes

17.10.2014 - 26.10.2014

Modern architecture, Belgian design & Belgian art a unique experience? This is the intent of the collaboration between ArchitectenWoning, LostnFound and Galerie Zwart Huis. During Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrijk the three come together with an exposition at Villa M. This modernist house, designed by the architect Jan Tanghe, is exclusively open during the fair and will showcase unique pieces from Belgian designers and artists.

Villa M is an impressive modernist building on Jan Van Eyck street in Kortrijk. The house was designed to accommodate art and has a rich history as an exhibition platform for the residents and their friends. This background is an ideal canvas, giving the public an opportunity to visit the unique objects from Belgian designers and the work from Belgian modern and contemporary artists. Visitors will enjoy a complete modern experience.

Galerie Zwart Huis has a link with modernist architecture. The gallery opened its doors in 2001 in the modernist house De Beir on Dumortier Avenue in Knokke, Belgium. This house was designed by the architect Huib Hoste in the 20s. Thereafter, the gallery moved to a new property on the boardwalk in Knokke. Throughout the years, the gallery has only focused on exhibiting modern and contemporary Belgian art and design. At Villa M, the works of Gaston De Mey, Gilbert Decock, Jan De Vliegher, Koen Deprez, Colin Waeghe, Yves Beaumont, André Van Schuylenbergh, Kim De Ruysscher, Richard Simoens en Liliane Vertessen will be presented.

LostnFound is a project from Frederic Rozier, a vintage antique dealer and organiser of the biennial exhibition Vintage Design Market at the International Convention Center in Ghent, Belgium. LostnFound's objective is to bring the important Belgian designers from the 50s and 60s back on the market again. All these pieces are produced in Belgium. At Villa M, LostnFound will show tables, cabinets and lamps from Willy Van Der Meeren. In addition, they will show chairs and tables from the architects Lucien English, Renaat Braem and Jan Tanghe.

ArchitectenWoning is a partnership between the specialised team of Frederic Rozier, Kristof Wellerman and locally licensed real estate agents. The objective is to bring two parties together: homeowners that want to sell their architecturally renowned house and potential buyers who are interested in such a property. In particular, ArchitectenWoning focuses on modernist buildings. The Villa M, a brutally impressive house by the architect Jan Tanghe, is also for sale.
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