Piet Raemdonck

View of a room

03.10.2011 - 03.12.2011

Zeedijk 635 - Knokke
Piet Raemdonck is primarily known for his flower vase paintings, his compositions and his landscapes. To this day, abstraction plays an elemental role in his work. This is not surprising as the motif is often completely abandoned; the colours and the light do the work.

He opts for a pure illumination by which he references Velasquez: “Through him, I really experience the light as a vibration in which the work vibrates before the eyes; it comes alive. It is one big courtship between light and shadow.” In the eyes of the viewer, the light fades away and the dark shadows swallow the room, extracting parts of the interior. The visual and artistic strength lies in the fact that everything seems to come together: the flower vase, the echo of the still life and a patchwork of the abstract composition. This is not to say that Piet Raemdonk should be immediately pigeonholed as an ‘abstract painter’. On the contrary, he dismisses figurative depiction as a taboo.

Selection works