Liliane Vertessen

Very foxy Lola is here for you

07.07.2001 - 30.09.2001

Zeedijk 635 - Knokke
The glamourous portraits of Liliane Vertessen are very much staged and bathe in a Hollywood-like atmosphere. Vertessen uses herself as a model and plays several roles: the lady, the queen, the femme fatale, the prostitute, la pantera rosa, Lola, the innocent girl. She dresses up in romantic garments, lingerie, tiger packs or men's suits.

When the photo session is complete, the staging goes on: the black and white photographs are colored, covered with feathers, fur or plush and more attributes are added: a dress, a saber, a snake, a corset. To further strengthen the lascivious atmosphere sometimes neon details are added: an arrow, a heart, a star, a body circumference or words like Liliane V., Lola, piano-me, Very foxy Lola is here for you. The self-portraits are highly erotic and radiate a kitschy world of glitter.
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