Koen Wastijn


10.01.2021 - 27.02.2021

Pentagonblues is a series of miniature paintings with industrial paint on a selection of photographs from the book 'The Pentagon. The Nerve Center of the US' from the early 60s. Wastyn only retained the photos with cars and he painted them over with blue paint to allude both to the broad concept of blues and to a chosen spectrum of blue colors.
Wastijn provokes the absurd contrast between the maniacally painted details and their magnification as wall posters or frescoes, turning small deviations into a visually almost grotesque commentary, not only on the Pentagon as an institution of power but especially on painting in general.

Blue Car works the other way around. A selection of publicity and promotional photos for cars from the 60s and 70s were painted over except for a few details.
With these retained details Wastyn wants to arrive at a different 'script'.
By painting over ready-made pictures, censoring the 'noise' and all human presence, Wastijn wants to play with the concept of authenticity and gives certain elements a more symbolic capacity.