Colin Waeghe

Jungle Bloom

11.11.2018 - 22.12.2018

Jungle Bloom is the name of a fictitious holiday paradise at the Mediterranean Sea. Colin Waeghe uses this recreation resort and its surroundings as a metaphor for Fort Europe, where borders are being closed and the population locks itself in a desolate luxurious void. In this gated community it desperately tries to defend itself against the unavoidable global change. It closes its eyes to the jungle bloom, and neglects to reap what it sows.

By using the same painting format over and over again, Colin Waeghe refers to the construction of a comic book page. Only in this case he leaves out all semiotic references, and leaves it up to the spectator to create his own narrative.

On a formal level, Waeghe started from a detailed presentation, slowly killing his darlings, trying to find a more direct and minimal way of painting.
Selection works