Fik van Gestel invites

06.11.2022 - 17.12.2022

Galerie Zwart Huis invites Fik van Gestel to curate a group exhibition featuring work by Stefan Peters, Michaël de Kok, Wannes Lecompte, Stefaan Vermuyten and Colin Waeghe, all artists with a common love for the magic of painting. Paint is the real protagonist in this selection: the personal touch, the subtle and tactile handling of the material and its infinite possibilities. The exhibition shows both figurative work and almost monochrome independent compositions with no clear reference to a reality outside the medium. This contrast in style is sometimes present in works by the same person. It is an amalgam of individuality, singularity and ambiguity. 

The exhibition opens on Sunday 6 November in the renovated gallery and in the presence of the artists.

Selection works