Albert Pepermans

Et voilĂ  le travail

10.03.2018 - 29.04.2018

Zeedijk 635 - Knokke
In March and April Zwart Huis organizes a double exhibition with work by Belgian painter and graphic artist Albert Pepermans (1947). Only using ink, paint and paper he manages to create his own style that refers to the Pop art and Dada tradition.

The Brussels exhibition ‘Et voilà Pepermans’ shows recent work by Pepermans who maintained a constant art production over the years with a no-nonsense attitude. Most of his work is part of a certain series, defined by technique or theme. They all perform a recurring mixture of concrete figures and abstract settings and shapes. The visual appearance of Pepermans’ work is impulsive, comical and reflects the on-going energy of the artist.

The Knokke exhibition is called ‘Et voilà le travail’ and focuses on the collaboration between Pepermans and Flemish author Hugo Claus in the early 90s. This collaboration resulted in three projects mixing Pepermans’ paintings and sketches with Claus’ poetry:  ‘Steeds/Cité’ (1990), ‘10 Days with Libération’ (1990) and ‘Et voilà le travail’ (1995).