Nick Andrews

Champagne Charlie

05.03.2011 - 25.04.2011

Zeedijk 635 - Knokke
The Champagne Charlie series presents casinos, gaming tables, Music Halls and burlesque figures as the primary focus. The scenes are inspired by Victorian London with its sing-a-long Music Halls and its exotic gambling venues like the Monte Carlo casino. The emphasis lies in the artificial light that frames the players and crowd in the intoxicating spirit of winning or losing.
The paintings are based on Chinese ink studies, which are then reproduced in tone and shape on canvas and accented by gestural brush strokes. The flamboyant color palette dominates with complementary colors, bringing the work into a euphoric, nostalgic and melancholic state.

Nick Andrews is considered one of the most interesting exponents in the contemporary generation of Belgian painters. The world of Andrews is that of pleasure and enjoyment. The inspiration for his paintings comes from traveling, exotic landscapes, desolate hotels, sex clubs, swimming pools and dilapidated amusement parks.

Nick Andrews' paintings are characterised by gestural brushstrokes and a flamboyant color palette, by which complementary colors dominate. As a result, the works are submerged in a euphoric, nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere.

Nick Andrews (London, England 1972-) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium and Saint-Bonnet Tronçais, France. He studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He participated in important group exhibitions such as Pop Up (2010, NICC Antwerp), Colours & Olympism, (2008, Beijing International Art Biennale, China), Fantasy (2008, HKA, Antwerp, curated by K. Vanden Broek), Welcome Home Little Cavaliers (2007, HKA, Antwerp, curated by J. Pas). Furthermore, he designed Docks & Diamonds — a series of six tapestries that were tufted by Vera Vermeersch — for Rodriguez d'Evorazaal in Elzenveld, Antwerp.
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