Johan Tahon

Androgyn Heart

04.07.2002 - 28.09.2002

Zeedijk 635 - Knokke
Johan Tahon continues to make sculptures of dubious human figures which evoke, in their white simplicity, both recognition and alienation. Tahon explores the boundaries of the personal and the universal, the metaphysical and the scientific. He searches for a kind of primal father, a shortage of God or protection against the senseless. The sculptures and figures tell the story of the seeking man. Simultaneously, they radiate spiritual and mythical power.

"I immersed myself, amongst other subjects, in shamanism and quantum physics. Shamans believe in a reality next to ours, a non-time zone that completely surrounds us. And quantum physics arrives at the assumption that this is probably true. Shamans are in the state to enter another reality. In certain circumstances, such as in dreams, anyone can make contact with the non-time zone. It would be the place where the divine are present. One remarkable finding, I think, is that a sculpture cannot move in order to be called a sculpture. Considering all technical capabilities, we still have the desire to see a stationary sculpture. Perhaps that is the point where you make contact with the non-time zone, perhaps such a static sculpture is an expression of a desire to participate in the non-time zone ... "

These thoughts and fantasies are reflected in his images. White plaster and transparent, rosy figures are in polyester. In all their simplicity and solitude, they simultaneously radiate a spiritual and sensual power.
Selection works