Yves Beaumont is probably the most poetic and muted Belgian landscape artist. He understands, studies and admires the great masters but over time has developed his own ‘pictura logica’: a logic that senses the character of the canvas surface and the texture of the paint, that touches and works the paint itself and offers the subject to the observer in a completely new form. In so doing he releases the painting from the subject and lets it stand on its own as a new entity. 

Beaumont incorporates different landscapes: Iberia, the Ardennes, Friesland, either sun-drenched, cloudy and misty or cold, northern and dark and nocturnal. He focuses on specific details: trees, branches, ponds and puddles. When he draws and paints he unleashes the anecdotic and creates fresh, free images, which are sometimes expressly figurative in nature, at other times almost abstract. But there is always a clear search for light and a subtle balance. His works don’t claim to mean anything or to provide a message; they ask for silence and contemplation and dissolve into a form of transcendence and sublimation.

Yves Beaumont
112 pp.
28 x 26 cm
Snoeck Publishers, Gent
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