Trees De Mits

Trees De Mits’ (°1951) work is a growing laboratory of spatial elements and digital images. Sometimes they are rudimentary and hard to interpret and sometimes they are recognisable. They arise from a particular concept in which intuition gives direction in the process of creating the work. Without hierarchy, images complement each other as a vague memory of a clear report. The body, anatomy and medicine are the source of inspiration and used as a departure point.

The periods of travel and work as an "artist in residence" play a significant role in the development of De Mits' work. The physical setting within the dominance of a culture or landscape controls the selection and registration of new and unknown images. De Mits finds it a challenge to place intimacy and sensuality central in a predominately conceptual art piece.

Trees De Mits teaches ceramics and glass art at Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. She actively exhibits nationally and internationally. Ceramics is not just a craft for her, but a full-fledged way of artistic expression. In addition, De Mits uses photography and video in her work.