Pieter Chanterie

Pieter Chanterie’s images try to evoke stories which only exist within the image, they can not be reconstructed in another language - like the spectacle of storytelling in the circus tent. The long distance is very close - like if you’re peeking from outside through a window, you become present in the room. The world has its own laws and the same laws as the world in which it exists - like the smallest leprechaun who lives in the biggest world.

He makes books and paintings. The painterly image is being strengthened and contradicted by the refined narrative - like the turbulent dancing that’s going in the living room while in the kitchen, biscuits are being dipped in the coffee.

Pieter Chanterie (°1996) lives and works in Brussels. He graduated in 2018 as Master in Visual Arts at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent.