Louie Mauws

Louie Mauws is a young artist from Ghent. Mauws is a plastic thinker who expresses himself in painting and drawing. Starting from an as yet undeveloped form of intentionality, he investigates the formalistic recording. Not the registration, but the discovery, not the justification, but the questioning is central. He tries to distance himself from external conditioning and over-influencing. Louie Mauws searches for a preserved space where, without any predetermined goal, the beginning can take place. He chooses the act of painting in order to deal with one material and another. His starting point is an uncontrollability in which the painting begins to lead a life of its own. While painting, he creates both abstract signs and figurative forms, to which he responds each time by painting. In his first act, everything is brought into the open, whereby the medium makes it possible to correct his wrong action.