Kim De Ruysscher

The Belgian artist Kim De Ruysscher (°1973) is well known for his sculptures and in situ installations. Significant in his oeuvre are technique and ‘métier’.

After his graduation, the artist spent a decade in Carrara (Italy) where he concentrated on all facets of sculpture. A large segment of his work consists of sculptures fashioned out of classical materials: marble, limestone, natural stone. Thanks to his mastery of his sculpting, he manages to imbue his figures with enormous verisimilitude, perfect in their appearance. But this calculated perfection is reserved for banal subject from daily life: a soccer ball, a pillow, balled paper, a toilet roll, or a sleeping bag. In this fashion, he creates an intriguing contrast between his expensive working medium, the time-consuming execution, and the transience of everyday existence.

Kim De Ruysscher studied painting at the Sint-Lucas College of Art and Sciences in Ghent and subsequently specialized in sculpture (in marble) at the Academia di Belle Arte and the Instituto Professionale Industria e Artigianato Tacca (both in Carrara, Italy). He has exhibited in Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey, amongst others.