Karen Vermeren

Karen Vermeren (°1982, Ghent) obtained her Master’s of Art (Painting) degree at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent (2005), followed by a PhD in Arts in St. Lucas School of Arts & University Antwerp (2018), and several residences. Regularly she shows her work in Belgium and abroad (a.o. MAS Antwerp, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Lieux-communs Namur, Studio PRÁM Prague, European Triennial Mons, International Glass Prize, etc.).

In the earth's crust, tectonic plates shift only a few centimeters per year, and thereby move in two ways: they push and they pull. This phenomenon creates mountains, volcanoes, cliffs and valleys - all held together by boundlessly stacked layers of stone. Society moves and changes in very similar ways. Karen Vermeren’s continuous, ever-changing artistic investigation reflects the equally ceaseless stream of physical changes in the many landscapes she explores.