Hilde Overbergh

Hilde Overbergh makes paintings and painterly installations.

Small daily actions such as folding/ unfolding/ stacking/ arranging things in space/ give structure to her observations and function as inspiration and work method.

Starting from her interest in compositional strategies, her work explores the pictorial space, where the physicality of painting and the play with architectural elements, in all senses, become the subject of her work.

She believes in the potential of the painting as an object, as process and experience. Provoking the unpredictable as part of this process, she combines a universe where paint mixtures are poured onto the canvas, where silkscreened and painted silhouettes are composed and where precisely fabricated spacial elements, connect all the parts with the space they are presented in.

These constructed realities are often reminiscent of stage sets. In her work the artist searches for a new concept of our surroundings. Realising that space is only created by the capacity to remain open to new connections, Overbergh’s installations can be understood as gestures or suggestions to be discovered.

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