Dirk Vermeirre

Dirk Vermeirre (°1949) is an art photographer who has been following artists in their own world for many years. The artistic qualities of his photographs were noticed by Christoph Ruys, the former director of the Photography Museum in Antwerp and Aktueel editor at Lido, who also specializes in art books. Ruys decided to publish the book ‘The White Panther’ with black-and-white photos by Vermeirre of Antwerp legend Fred Bervoets.

At the request of Dirk Vermeirre Fred Bervoets painted on top of some photos. This idea was expanded to 20 artists from the Belgian art world: Philip Aguirre, Fred Bervoets, Guillaume Bijl, Michaël Borremans, Michel Buylen, Luc Deleu, Ronny Delrue, Karel Dierickx, Jan De Vliegher, Kati Heck, Karl Meersman, Sofie Muller, Guy Rombouts, Pjeroo Roobjee, Johan Tahon, Luc Tuymans, Hans Vandekerckhove, Koen van den Broek , Jan Vanriet and Cindy Wright.

The series Revisited Portraits was also exhibited at Zebrastraat and B.ART fair in Ghent.