Christophe Coppens

Christophe Coppens (°1969) is a Belgian designer and artist. He studied and trained as a theatre director and actor. He started his career by designing experimental accessories, creating shapes and using materials that one would never associate with the conventional hat. His unbridled creativity and imagination led to fantastic works that were more of an art object than an accessory. Over the years, Christophe Coppens put his emphasis on a wearable, ‘commercial’ collection that was sold worldwide. His couture work was sold exclusively in his Belgian stores in Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges. Thanks to his years of experience, he acquired a mastery of traditional techniques while playing with unusual materials.

Coppens collaborated with international designers: Yamamoto, Guy Laroche, Lolita Lempicka and Issey Miyake. He also made accessories for the Belgian Royal Family and pop stars like Rihanna, Grace Jones, The Scissor Sisters, Beth Ditto and Róisín Murphy.

In 2012, Coppens gave an official farewell to the fashion industry in order to devote himself entirely to art. He lives and works in Los Angeles, America.