Carole Vanderlinden

Carole  Vanderlinden  (°1973)  is  inspired  by  diverse  objects  seen  in  museums  of  ancient  or  ethnographic art, for example an herbarium, Egyptian alabaster Canopic jars dating back to 1500  BC,  zigzag  Navajo  carpets  or  18th  century  glazed  biscuits  from  the  city  of  Tournai.  Details of these objects are copied in sketchbooks. Sometimes they are combined to create new drawings, which usually remain quite light, with lots of cut-­‐outs, as minimalist collages. Sometimes they also end up in her oil paintings, where they are used as disturbing elements or  alibies  to  apply  colour.  In  these  paintings  they  become  more  compact  and  dense  and  slowly merge with the stubborn texture of the painting.

– Hans Theys, Montagne de Miel, 01 04 2018