Hilde Overbergh

Hilde Overbergh’s work is powered by a fascination for our surroundings and how we perceive them. In ensembles of small and medium-sized canvases she strips spaces and objects down to their basic elements: lines, volumes, proportions, shades of colour… Personal imagination and physical reality are not strictly distinct worlds, but merge directly into one another. Space is here not depicted as something fixed, but, on the contrary…[is]influenced by the act of perception itself. This spatial effect is increased even more by the variety of materials that Overbergh uses…[and by] the arrangement of the works in relation to each other. Images never exist in their own right in this colourful and ambiguous world, but arise only as an interaction between what is going on inside and outside the picture frame... When Overbergh searches for a new concept of our surroundings she finds it in the realisation that space is only created by the capacity to remain open to new connections. This ability to expand is just as important as the framing itself. And that makes Overbergh’s work physically palpable: this ability lies in our own gaze. ( Marnix Rummens)